General FAQs

What is model-based geostatistics (MBG)?

How is MBG different from the current method for estimating trachoma prevalence?

What is the Probability of being Below Threshold (PBT)?

How will the PBT threshold be decided?

Does MBG replace the need for surveys?

Do more or fewer clusters need to be visited when using the MBG approach for survey design?

How has MBG been used so far within the context of trachoma elimination?

What is required in order to run MBG?

Can MBG be used to estimate prevalence in inaccessible EUs?

Can MBG be used when there is large population movement?

Can MBG be used for islands in an archipelago community?

Is it possible to use MBG for an entire country?

Where is the funding coming from to support the research and the Tropical Data development?

Is there any support available for health ministries interested in implementing MBG?

When will we have official confirmation from WHO/Tropical Data to use MBG?

Who owns the MBG output?

How do we decide between two different outputs, one from the standard analysis and one from MBG?